Singati Hydro Energy Limited IPO Issues shares from today 6-10 Chaitra 2077

singati hydro energy limited ipo

Singati Hydro Energy Limited IPO has been issued to general public from today (6 to 10 Chaitra 2077). If the issued IPO share is not fulfilled within the closing time, it can extend upto 20 Chaitra 2077. SHEL (Singati Hydro Energy Limited) is issuing 29 lakh shares (2900000 kitta) for general public. Each share will be of NPR. 100, so total worth share will be NPR 29 crore. People can apply minimum of 10 kitta and can apply maximum of 200000 kitta. The main issue manager of Singati Hydro Energy is Mega Capital Markets Limited.

Singati Hydro Energy Limited IPO Detail:

IPO Issue Date6th Chaitra 2077 (19 March 2021)
IPO Closing Date10th Chaitra 2077 (23 March 2021)
[Note: The end date might get extended up to 20 Chaitra 2077]
Issue ManagerMega Capital Markets Limited
Per Unit Share PriceNPR 100
Minimum Kitta to Apply10
Maximum Kitta to Apply200000
Total Kitta for General Public2697000
Total Kitta of JLIC2900000
CRNL RatingBB-

Singati Hydro Energy Limited Website

Mega Capital Markets Limited Website

How to Apply for Singati Hydro Energy Limited IPO ?

General Public can buy (apply) minimum of 10 units of share by visiting the official Issue Manager Mega Capital Markets Limited office. IPO can also be applied using meroshare. People must have valid DMAT and CRN number to apply the SHEL IPO.

According to CDSC, there are more than 18 lakh applicants in Nepal. So if we do the math, if each applicant applied the minimum Kitta which is NPR 10, there should be total of 180 lakh kitta applied. But SHEL has only issued 29 lakh kitta share to general public. Therefore, its clear that many applicants will go empty hands. It was same with Jyoto life Insurance IPO.

When will Singati Hydro Energy Limited IPO gets Open ?

Singati Hydro Energy Limited IPO opens its share to General Public from 6-10 Chaitra 2077.

What is the minimum and maximum kitta (share) of Singati Hydro Energy Limited ?

The minimum kitta is 10 and maximum is 200000 units. However total of only 29 lakh kitta has been issued by Singati Hydro Energy Limited. So we urge to apply the required kitta accordingly.

Price of 1 share unit / 1 Kitta of Singati Hydro Energy Limited

Price of 1 Kitta for SHEL is NPR 10

What is CRNL Rating of Singati Hydro Energy Limited?

CARE Ratings Nepal Limited (CRNL) has rated SHEL CARE-NP BB-

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