Latest Nepali Keyboard Layout Download क-ज्ञ Keyboard Format 2024

Knowing the Nepali Keyboard Layout is essential for individuals who need to type in the Nepali Language. We offer you the option to learn and download the Nepali Keyboard Format. This saves time and helps you effortlessly type in Nepali.

Below is the detail Keyboard Layout which includes all the Nepali alphabets from क-ज्ञ, अ-अ:, ऐकार,आकार, औकार, चन्द्रबिन्दु, दीर्घ ऊकार, दीर्घ ईकार, आधा अक्षर, ह्रस्व इकार, ह्रस्व उकार, ओकार, and शिर बिन्दु

Nepali Keyboard Layout (format) varies with the variation of Nepali font. But in general, the default format of the Nepali keyboard looks like this. Below we provide high resolution image of a Nepali Keyboard with each Nepali alphabet. You can also print and glue each letter to your PC keyboard at the beginning.

Download Nepali Keyboard Layout

If the above image is not clear or you need individual letter sequences of Nepali letters, you can view it below:

Nepali LetterKeys Combination
क्षAlt + 0212

Use of Nepali Keyboard

If you can remember the format of Nepali letter keystrokes, you can easily type in Nepali. Knowing the Nepali keyboard format is very important if you are a newspaper editor or trying to apply for a job as a Nepali typist. Moreover, if you are a government employee of Nepal and you work around pc, then Nepali typing is a must.

Yes, it’s quite difficult to remember all those key combinations esp. Alt key combination but once you remember, you can type as fast as English alphabets.

How To Type In Nepali?

There are different ways to type in Nepali on different devices. Some are listed below:

Type in Nepali in PC/MAC/Laptop

To type in Nepali on your PC, you can simply download the Nepali fonts and you must install Nepali fonts first. Preeti, Sagarmatha, and Kantipur are the most widely used Nepali fonts currently.

Download Nepali Fonts for PC (Preeti, Kantipur, Himalaya, Sagarmatha)

There are many Nepali fonts available. Mostly, Preeti, Sagarmatha, Kantipur, and Himalaya are commonly used. Download Nepali fonts here :

Type in नेपाली in Mobile

To enable नेपाली typing on mobile devices, many apps can be installed to achieve the result. Some Nepali keyboard mobile apps are:

For Android: Hamro Nepali Keyboard, Nepali Keyboard.

For IOS: Hamro Nepali Keyboard, Nepali Keyboard.

Alternate of Typing in नेपाली

As we have already discussed the difficulty of remembering the Nepali alphabet, you can find alternative ways to type in Nepali without knowing the keyboard format. Below are some of the few methods of how you can type in Nepali.

Type in Nepali using Unicode

Learning each Nepali character is a must when you apply as a Nepali typist but it’s a traditional way to get the job done. Many online websites provide the facility to convert Unicode to Nepali letters. But they bear their formats and rules.

Type In नेपाली Using Nepali Roman to Nepali Letter Converter

Nowadays, the Nepali Roman language is becoming more popular among the youngster. The use of Nepali Roman is abundant, especially in social networks and instant messaging apps. Focusing on this, many websites help people to type in Nepali Roman language and then display it in Nepali letter format. Then, it can be copied and pasted wherever it is required. We recommend this website to convert from English to Nepali typing.

Type In नेपाली Using Google Input

Google Input is another useful tool to fulfill Nepali typing on a Computer. If you are looking for an alternate way to type in Nepali on a PC or laptop then Google Input is the best way to achieve this. Just download the Google input tool and you are ready to type in Nepali. Google Input tool auto converts Nepali Roman into Nepali alphabets and words and shows the preview. Therefore, you can choose the correct form of the word. It is more helpful when you use it to apply National ID of Nepal online. Click here to download the Google Input Tool Nepali

Advantage of Knowing नेपाली किबोर्ड Format

Although, there is some hassle-free way to type in Nepali, typing in Nepali using a Nepali keyboard layout overshadows Nepali Unicode and other Nepali Unicode converter simplicity. It is more accurate and saves a lot of time while dealing with big articles that must be written in the Nepali language, especially newspaper articles.

It will be a new skill that you can add to your CV while applying for a job. Also if you have just cleared or finished your class 10 or class 12 exam then you can easily learn Nepali typing and be a Nepali typist. Who, knows you can nail the Nepali typing and become an expert Nepali typist in a Nepali newspaper company or start your own business?