Download!! EDV Result 2024 Nepal Name List | DV Lottery Winners PDF

We know, checking edv result online can be really annoying sometime, that’s why we have come up with the complete name list of this years EDV Result. So, you can directly download EDV 2024 Name List and check your name accordingly, no more waiting for server to load.

Note: EDV RESULT 2024 is scheduled to get published on May 6th 2023

Yes, we have been in your shoes and know how it feels to wait , at first to wait for the date to be announced by the officials about when the result will be published then after that again going to the website and trying to load up that website which takes forever to load up, so here’s simple solution for you. We will allow you to download the complete winner list of dv lottery nepal 2024.

Why we are doing this?
We know the importance of time and the frustration that you feel while loading up the official website. Also, once you download our edv name list ,you can check all your relatives result too, without downloading the file again and again.

How to Download EDV Result 2024 Name List?

After the result will be announced officially, we will upload the full dv lottery winner list here, so check edv result 2024 site to know the publishing time of the result.

Note: We are uploading this year’s winner list of EDV Result 2024 as soon as the result gets published.. stay tune..

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  1. Is it really published EDV 2022 result? If yes how can i check it? I am try with the does not respond. Please let me know if you have some idea on it.

  2. hi there,
    greeting from Ethiopia, may I get the link to check my status of the dv2022 entrant?

  3. Hello Sir.
    I have entered my confirmation code twice but seen to show no result to me.
    Can get help from you.

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