Class 12 Result 2077 Publication Date & Marking System

class 12 result 2077

NEB has officially confirmed the publication of Class 12 Result 2077 will be publicly available within a month including new marking system. But, its hard to see if they will be able to stay on with their words. Due to the nature of the new marking system and COVID-19 obstacles, 2077 Grade XII Result might be slightly delayed from its scheduled date. But you can always check class 12 result 2077 here once it gets published.

Note: We have update, NEB is planning to publish Class 12 Result 2077 this week if it all goes according to plan

Due to Coronavirus , it impacted on scheduled examination date of Class 12. At first, NEB thought of conducting online examination but later the idea was disqualified due to to the question in its authenticity. Finally, the board fixed the exam date for all faculties of Grade 12 including Science, Management, Humanity and Education ,seven months from its original date.

Total of around 450,000 students attended the 2077 B.S. examination in around 4200 examination centers. The Examination credited for 40% credit value. The total marks of particular subject is 100 but only 40 Full Mark included in the written examination. The Grade 12 Examination was only for One and half hour as the full mark was only 40. Remaining 60% marks calculated from Class 11 Examination Result (40%) and Internal Examination marks (20%).

2077 Class 12 Result Publication Date

According to the Chairman of National Examination Board, Class 12 Result 2077 will get published at the end of the month Poush. He also stated that, the board is working very hard to prepare the publication of Class 12 Result 2077 within the end of this year 2020.

The exam of class 12 scheduled for April but later postponed due to Covid-19 epidemic. NEB also declared new format for the conduction of exam of 40 marks only.

NEB stated the class 12 examination was taken under fair and full control of respective authority. Examinees attended the exam at the same colleges where they studied (home centers). Also, the facility of checking the answer sheet by respective subject teacher.

The Chairman of NEB said that the result of class 12 will be available once the marks of grade 11, internal and experiment marks will be received by the center.

2077 Class 12 written examination contained only 40 marks. And the remaining portion of the marks is calculated by adding Grade 11 and School Internal Evaluation. So, there will be still Grading system as previous years.

Grade and Marks Obtained
Students scoring 90 to 100 obtains Grade A+ while A to students scoring 80 to 89. Similarly, B+ to those scoring between 70 to 79, B to scores between 60 and 69, C+ to scores between 50 and 59, and C to scores between 40 and 49. Grade D+ for scoring in between 30 to 39 while D to those 20 to 29. Students scoring 0 to 19 obtains Grade E. 

Class 12 Grade System

Just like previous year, this year marking system will also include Grading system. The grading system works A+,A,B+,B,C+,C,D+,D,E. The Grades calculated as per the percentage obtained by the students.

A+Above 90%
AAbove 80%
B+Above 70%
BAbove 60%
C+Above 50%
CAbove 40%
D+Above 30%
DAbove 20%
EBelow 20%


When will Class 12 Result 2077 get published?

Originally scheduled for 15 December 2020, the result of Class 12 scheduled to get published at the end of December 2020 which is 3rd week of Poush 2077.

Any Changes to Grading System for Class 12 Result 2077?

No, the same grading system is applied to this years Grade XII Exam Result.

Where can I check my Class 12 Result with Marksheet?

There are number of website to check your Class 12 result along with marksheet, one of which is