Class 12 Result 2077 Officially Published On 1st February 2021

2077 class 12 result published

After a long wait, finally NEB officially announced the publication of Class 12 examination 2077 result of Nepal. 4,33,271 student attended the examination from 24th November 2020 to 1st December 2020. Total of just 40 percent mark was set due to Corona virus crisis.

Among the examinee only one result is canceled and 11490 students result has been posponed while others are published accordingly.

According to the Controller of Examinations, Krishna Prasad Sharma the meeting about result publication was held Sunday (31st January 2021) and board decided to publish class 12 result, the following day.

Originally, scheduled Class 12 examination should happen in the month of April/May but due to the effect of Covid-19, the date was rescheduled. Also, students were facilitated to attend the examination in their own school and colleges.

The Examination which carried only 40% of the total value lasted only for one and half hour. Remaining 60% marks were integrated from Class 11 and internal evaluation marks (40% and 20% respectively).

How To Check Your NEB Class 12 Result 2077 ?

There are number of ways you can check your grade 12 result. The quickest way is from NTC. You can dial 1600 from your NTC number and follow the instruction according. Other ways to check the result is from website like: , ,, etc

Click here to Check NEB Result 2077 Class 12

Is Class 12 Result 2077 Really Published?

Yes, NEB has officially announced the Class 12 Result 2077. The result is published on 1st February 2021 i.e 19th Magh 2077.

class 12 result 2077 published